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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 25, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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welcomed this adorable bundle of joy, kayla benjamin, congratulations to jackie, justin and the baby, benjamin. good to see you and we will see you back here when you are ready. i wish you the best. time for "varney and company". stuart: that is very good news about young justin. i didn't know he was expecting. congratulations to one and all. you are dead right. this is a sell-off. look at it go down. 190 points lower for the dow jones average better than 1%. big drop. look at the nasdaq because it is technology stocks which are worse off than most other issues. technology, you could say, is leading this market down. all 66 stocks in the s&p, the tech stocks in the s&p 500, all of them are down at this point. what is leading tech stocks lower? apple. look at it go down. we are down 3-1/2% on apple,
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putting it back and $90 a share. hold on a second. there is news in the background. eric holder stepping down as attorney general from the justice department, that has had no impact on the stock market whatsoever but it just happened. early this morning, durable-goods orders, a very big drop, down 18%. that is only a partial reason for what is going on on wall street at the moment. the big movers in my opinion, the u.s. dollar has gone straight up against some currencies. it has reached a six year high. that has produced a downside move in interest rates again. the yield on the ten year treasury down this morning as the dollar goes up. one last point, it is september 25th, that is five days away from october. always in my opinion again, the most shaky month. a hand holding month. it is october, five days away and the dow is down 197 points. charles payne is with me.
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you will give me a dispute about october being a shaky month? charles: people don't realize september has been worse for the market than october. technically. but you have the black friday in october. put it this way, september, october, horrific for the stock market historically. the irony is the three months after the rest of the year have been phenomenal. stuart: i make the point of the u.s. dollar is very strong. i don't know what the linkage is between a very strong dollar and a sharply lower stock market. can you tell me? charles: it didn't get stronger overnight but let's just say if this. manufacturing, when our company sold products abroad they sell it in local currency and when they convert it back to dollars they give more dollars instead of fewer dollars, strong dollar hurts dramatically. it is interesting because we talk about all the money printing. one of the goals is to push the dollar down and that hasn't worked in part because everyone else has been printing.
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it has been the race to the bottom. that hasn't necessarily work for us. i want to make a point with durable-goods. the report that comes out that specifically focuses on businesses, that was a huge number. i think what we are seeing, it was up huge. if you take out what you do is take out new orders, take out aircraft and other stuff. it was a big number. here is what we are dealing with. a market that has been really volatile of late but we were all into one of the longest periods of no volatility ever, no moves above or below 1/2%. now we are getting the shakiness and to your point we are getting the profitable tech names that are down. a lot of people don't realize although the audience does because they have stocks in portfolio, coming in to the wheat, 40% of russell 2,000 stocks were in the bear market. over 40%. 47% nasdaq stocks were already
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in the bear market. what you have got our people, when winter starts to look shaky, nobody gets losers. now they're starting to police a little bit. it will be interesting. we want in it. stuart: the dow industrials are down 200 points, nasdaq down 72 points, that is where technology stocks are based, and it is leading the market down. come on in, art laughter. explain to me the relationship between the dollar going up, treasury interest rate yields going down, and a big stock market sell-off? is their relationship? >> there is a relationship between parents evaluate interest rates. if you have expectations of inflation you get stronger currency. the foreign-exchange incidents occurred in my view, profits
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held abroad in foreign currencies, out went you get the dollar rising sharply the value of those assets in dollar terms goes down. that is what you could be seeing in this market. stuart: that $2 trillion worth of profits being held overseas which are not coming to america are suddenly worth somewhat less. that reflects on the profitability of american companies which have that money overseas. >> the asset value of american holdings, and the asset value, from the appreciation of the dollar has been. stuart: everyone else on this planet is printing up a storm just as we are stopping printing a storm. the u.s. dollar continues to rise. does that mean continued pressure on american stock price?
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>> i have never seen a strong country with though most weak currency. strong currencies are not bad for the country, and my view is the stronger the currency. king the dollar is an important aspect of the u.s. economy. i am not at all troubles by the rising dollar, and given what they were given on printing money. stuart: our viewers are anxious, nervous. >> i understand. i was in the dark all the time. let's get to apple, down 3.5%. >> pretty bad. we have a tough day on wall street. apple is down 3.5%, to the downside and every single sector so technology is among the worst
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with energy. and those are some of the names to the downside. all 66 names represent the technology sector have down arrows. the vix, the fear index, up 17% at the moment. it is traditionally a weak with the down arrow. i was talking with mike nick nick gray wolf, and the 26 years, the s&p 500 posted gains on this particular week. last friday we were focused on ali baba but it was options exploration across the board. this is traditionally a selling week ended is coming to fruition. stuart: that took a lot of fear in. charles: the jewish holiday, a lot of people, a lot of
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participants aren't around, tend to be extraordinarily exaggerated. think about the day after thanksgiving, right before christmas, these volatile moves, whatever direction it seems to go in, there is no one around to stop it. stuart: let me get back to that news item that broke 20 minutes are round. eric holder, he will step down, he won't leave the job until such time as his replacement is confirmed but the obama administration's top lawyer in charge while the irs targeting scandal was going on, he led the crusade to get the big banks to pay billions in fines for their role in the office. art laugher, i am saying the eric holder announcement has no impact whatsoever on monday, markets, wall street but can you assess may be some political impact? we are 41, 40 days away from the election. >> if it had any impact on the markets we would be in the
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opposite direction. he has not been pro-business and has done his job well for obama and reflected obama well from their perspective but from my perspective, those fines and regulations, all this intervention on with obamacare has been damaging for u.s. markets and from my perspective i can't imagine a worse attorney general but politics is politics reflecting very well. he is a dignified, nice man. i don't think he has been the situation but i would hope this would lead to some serious looking at the irs scandal which bothers me. the irs should never be allowed to be used as a political tool, and i remember under george shultz when he was secretary of the treasury he was adamant that there be no intervention from the irs. eric holder and the justice department have not kept that principal. stuart: you remember the days of richard nixon during watergate when he wanted to use the irs
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against his political opponents, the irs said no, we are not going to do that. may be that is different this time around because eric holder has not appointed a special prosecutor to look into this. back to the election for a second. on this show you often said the republican sweep of the senate would have a positive impact on wall street. maybe we can come back from this sell-off today if republicans sweep the senate in november. are you holding to that? >> very much so. we can get a lot of good policy in. i think we will get some corporate tax reform lowering that rate, broadening the base. keystone pipeline will be a slam dunk eliminating the tax on medical devices. we will for sure be done. we eliminate the sequester on government spending especially defense spending so there are a lot of good things that can happen when republicans take the senate and i hope this market going down is not a harbinger that the republicans aren't
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going to take the senate. i hope that is not the case but i don't think so. one day is one day. stuart: we came into this program 10 minutes ago with the stock market falling sharply. we were looking for a little handholding from art laffer, we got it and the market stabilized. there you go. cheri dangerous thing, the market stabilized. i never say that. sorry to give you some credit. >> i will take every bit. i need credit. stuart: be careful. last word for charles before we hit the commercial break. eric holder, no impact on the market but a big impact on politics. charles: a big impact on politics which goes full circle to a big impact on the economy and the stock market. leading up to the midterm it can be shaky going into the election but after the election usually is the market goes up and this year the republicans don't blow it and they're giving away the farm not to blow it, president obama can do anything you wants right now republicans don't say anything. if they do take the senate i
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think we will have a huge rally in the end of the year. stuart: i shouldn't have sent word because the dow is down 204 points. art laffer, i am very sorry. thanks very much. all good stuff, coming up next here is what we have got for you. the fight to destroy isis. we are going after is the money. america is going after financing, blowing up their oil refineries. lieutenant-colonel ralph peters up next. where does he think the president's priorities lie? where does art why in the fight begins coal, climate change, isis? >> stopping the rise of the oceans is where his heart is.
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stuart: we are down a little more in the last couple minutes, 209 points, about not 1-1/4% loss. when stocks go down like that led by technology where is the price of gold? we will tell you, virtually unchanged, $0.50 an ounce lower. check out the price of oil. it is down, down $0.15 at $92 a barrel. that in my opinion is because the u.s. dollar is so strong. that would tend to depress the
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price of crude oil. here is another thing we are keeping a close eye on especially on days like this. the sharp decline in interest rates. the yield at 2.1%. that is sharply lower yields on the ten year treasury because the u.s. dollars a strong. in comes the money to treasurys, pushing the price up and yields down. air strikes against targets in syria continue. coalition forces attacking a dozen isis controlled oil refiners they were using to refuel their vehicles and funds terror operations. before i talk about hitting them where it hurts in via pocket, i want to talk about president obama. do you think his heart is truly in destroying a racist? when he spoke at the united nations i got the impression that his heart was in going
11:17 am
after climate change, attacking coal lands not so much in his speech about isis and attacking the terror group. what do you say? >> we already have ample proof his heart is not in the struggle. he restricted our air strikes, first airstrikes in syria to attacking empty buildings and knocking down and tennis. we got epsom leaders of the khorasan group. when it came to degrading or destroying a isis, our air strikes hit in the middle of the nicest to purposely avoided even terrorist casualties. there's a currency market at play. in war the only currency, the dollar, the only currency that matters is blood. if you are not willing to kill terrorists and keep on killing them until they are gone and it takes a long time, if you do that, spill the blood and
11:18 am
nothing else counts. it doesn't count if you're not willing to kill. stuart: the president has consistently said no boots on the ground. american combat troops will not be dispatched to help places on the ground. consistently said that. these things he should reverse himself and put our troops on the ground and go after them in the desert, on the ground? >> you need special operations forces and infrastructure support for anybody we want to do the fight for us. so much of this sounds good. get the locals to fight. the reason the sony surge, the turnabout worked in iraq was americans were fighting beside them. it is the difficult question. in an integrated manner you need
11:19 am
american special operators on the ground. a lot of publicity work being done by the white house and the administration, those air attacks affected less than 1% of islamic states oil holdings. it hit refineries, local production. the money is exporting tanker trucks for crude. if you want to hit the oilfields themselves you close the border, you have drones and other aircraft on station to hit every oil tanker approaching the turkish border. there is so much more we could be doing. bottom-line on all of this is the president wants to get off sheet as cheaply as possible in every respect. when you are trying to fight wars they can be very expensive. stuart: i want to wrap this up.
11:20 am
this current strategy employed by president obama, air strikes, no. on the ground, go after the money if they can. is it going to work? are we going to destroy isis like that? yes or no? >> no and no. you cannot destroy an organization by annoying them. to put it in blunt american terms obama's political strategy, is a political strategy, not a military strategy, it is like arguing that if we take away toilet paper people will stop eating. there is no logic in all this. it gets a lot messier. stuart: pursuing what he thinks the american people want which is no. on the ground and degrade them by the air. >> you wants to get through november, one class to get through his last two years, but he is not serious about defeating islamist terror in any form. stuart: colonel ralph peters, always a pleasure. back to the market real fast,
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dow jones average down 215 points, that is precisely 1/1.4%. this downside move is led by technology companies, apple in particular for, the results of a sharp rise in the u.s. dollar and a sharp decline in interest rates in the united states. that is what is going on. derek jeter making his final appearance a yankee stadium tonight, weather permitting. some are not happy about all the hype surrounding his retirement. ♪
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stuart: still down 200, 205 to be precise, all 30 stocks in the dow industrials are in the red. that means they are lower. tax stocks, the nasdaq down 75 points, well over 1.5% and apple is up 3.5%. we are following this closely. it is a sell-off. derek jeter, arguably one of the greatest stars in the sports world, his final home game on
11:26 am
yankee stadium, weather permitting. not everyone is in awe of him. listen to what keith olbermann had to say about him on espn. >> and the point has he gone to the manager and said take me out or at least brought me in the order. derricks of himself out of the lineup when he got sick. joe dimaggio quit rather than stink at 36. this is the captain of the yankees? jeter is the king of the new york, i forgot. they wouldn't printed on his shoes. stuart: here is a name you know. the captain of the united states women's soccer team. you brought it with you. before we get to soccer. i want to know your opinion on derek jeter. does he deserve the accolades that keith olbermann wants to take away from him? >> i think he does.
11:27 am
and on the field and off the field, has to deal with. they would have gotten rid of him. he is doing his job whether it might be off the field more than on the field, still deserve the accolades he is getting. stuart: i you very conscious, stardom of the fields, and what you do off the field can affect your reputation as a brilliant soccer player. you are aware of this. >> more experience, the longer i played, i am a role model and what i do off the fields and what i do on the field as well. stuart: strictly fry that. >> as much as i can. as an athlete, i am there to support my team. try to make everybody happy, the pulse of the team. stuart: some money side of things, derek jeter is spending
11:28 am
a fortune out of his retirement because of the field he is a good guy. gatorade, signing all these baseballs and the rest of it. you must be conscious of that. play a positive side of the fields so you can make more money. >> you have to earn a living. i am on the road over 200 days out of the year. on the field and off the field if you have a positive attitude and you are a good person, good leader and good will model sponsors will come. stuart: do you ever think you will see the day when you can make $10 million a year? >> getting a job after my car rear is over. stuart: derek jeter could extend his career if he used at the cue. that is the nutritional supplement you are in favor of which you use. >> absolutely.
11:29 am
we have the same amount of career when he started year earlier. we will see. i started using the product myself. my friend made me aware of it. it has been helping me. i was a long trip to europe, felt amazing, came back home, travel so much as well as derek jeter. they are on the road a lot and it helps me stay healthy. i have no days off per se. stuart: better concentration, nutritional supplements. >> it protect my indian system so i can stay healthy and perform at my best. it is a safe and natural -- stuart: stimulant? >> natural ingredient in a ton of products. stuart: a bunch of that now what i do a better performance on television? >> you won't be sick or feel better. it is for your immune system. that is the most important thing. i have to eat well, exercise as
11:30 am
well as the strong and healthy. stuart: am i going to see you in the next world cup? >> you will be. stuart: the women's world cup. next summer. >> july 5th will be the finals. stuart: where will the final speed played this time? >> throughout canada. it hasn't been determined. we are qualifying next month. we are getting geared up. stuart: nestle world cup this year, the men's world cup this year brought me back to soccer because i had drifted away after living in america. i am coming back and i will be watching you in canada. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. it is the running theme of the show today. the value of work, turns out for women is a big deal when fighting a man. the numbers on that are next. the dow is down 187, coming back a little. "hello. you can go ahead and put your bag right here."
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stuart: the market has stabilized all be it a fraction. we are off 77 points.
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as for the s&p 500, that is a broad based indicator. it is down 3%. $98 a share. not much of a reaction. no change at all for gold. oil is up just $0.12 an ounce. big news from d.c. this hour. eric holder stepping down as attorney general. remember, mr. holder had a reputation of being antibusiness. the value of work and how it is affect being marriage and the economy. 79% of women say solid
11:36 am
employment, that is the number one priority they are looking in a man. only 82%. women want men to work. then cannot find good jobs. therefore, part of the reason for this is work. here is political prospect chief and millennial supreme on this program. has your attitude towards work changed? >> i think that it holds true. millennial's make 75,000 or more. the number of married one year
11:37 am
olds is 19%. you definitely see the shift of those that are economically stable and those that are not. stuart: if you have four or 5% growth in the economy, you open up a great amount. a lot of millennial's are going back to school. r obtaining higher degrees. i do think that there is another layer to this marriage fiasco. millennial's have grown up in a culture where 50% of parents get divorced. i think a lot of millennial's are jaded. stuart: it is more than just
11:38 am
growth in the economy. >> i think that is right. i do hope that millennial's end up getting married. they are going to make some wiser choices, i hope. they know themselves better at 27. i think waiting may end up being a good thing for the institution of marriage itself. stuart: eric holder. the white house top lawyer. he is resigning. >> i do not think that millennial's will pay much attention to this. i hope we have an attorney general that does not --
11:39 am
stuart: have you settled in at harvard law? >> i have. i am so pleased with the number of republicans at harvard. i am very impressed. stuart: you have got to be kidding me. >> it is shocking. i love it. stuart: were you a speaker? stuart: you just killed it right there. these students are being picked
11:40 am
on. >> it does exist. i think i did pretty well. stuart: did he know your name and where you were sitting? >> he did. he does not grow me as vigorously as you do, stuart. charles: okay. it may be a drop in the bucket. you mentioned the recession is keeping people from getting married. that apple -- i mean, the
11:41 am
chicken versus the egg kind of argument here. we would come out of this recession sooner. stuart: good one, charles. the dow jones industrial still down. charles: do not go away. stuart: the judge is coming up next about eric holder's resignation. ♪ hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
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♪ nicole: selling across wall street. sectors are selling off. each down more than 1%. a loss of 211 points. the nasdaq down 75 points. apple also having a tough day today. a couple things that they are confronting. consumer complaints that the new iphone can be bent. the stock is down 3%. you can see that emc is in
11:44 am
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i have $40,ney do you have in your pocket right now? $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ stuart: look at the price of apple's stock. way down. apple is announcing that they have to pull the first update to the ios system. then there is this, apple
11:46 am
extra-large iphone six plus, it is bending when they put it in their pockets and sit down on it. no reaction. the stock is down this morning. apple sold 10 million iphones. the stock is taking a hit today. big news broke earlier this morning. attorney general eric holder stepping down. he will stay on as attorney general. all rise, judge napolitano is here. >> i do not know what is going on in his brain. by the way, thank you for having me on.
11:47 am
he will be the third longest serving attorney general in american history. you really cannot even take a vacation. stuart: a lot of pressure points. he has been antibusiness from day one. our colleague has been pushing hard against the attorney general very recently because he is sometimes skeptical of the american workforce. >> he has been dropping hints for a while. i think he is going on his own
11:48 am
timetable. is the attorney general under barack obama his own man or her own woman? can whoever replaces eric holder the independent of the political lane of this administration. will that person have the authority to appoint a special counsel or will that person be beholden to barack obama and his politics? we will know that when and if they announce a nominee to replace him. stuart: will you appoint a special prosecutor? it is an obvious question.
11:49 am
we will certainly be confirmed given the side of the majority given the side that the democrats have. if he made this announcement six runs from now, they may have control in the senate. with harry reid running the show, the president will get his person in there. stuart: you said you had a name. a responsibility. >> charlie gasparino is reporting that the leading candidate is the united state's attorney. he is the protége of general charles schumer who is very close to the president. with the exception of one or two really off the wall weird broad
11:50 am
prosecutions, for the most part, he has a great reputation. all of us from charlie. stuart: we are interested in the pro or antibusiness attitude. >> if it is, he will offer himself as an antibusiness. anti-corrupt business attorney general that will not hesitate he believes there has been insider training. that will lessen all of those stocks you keep watching. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. earlier this hour, we played a
11:51 am
little bit of keith's anti-derek jeter rant. oh, keith. that is what i said. he has responded to me. sadly, i old friend stu jumped the shark in 1984. let me explain -- what is he implying? charles: we have it on the screen. he actually jumped over a shark with water skis. a sign of desperation. the show was getting old. of course, the good news is it went on for another seven years. you still may be in for another seven years. his rant was stupid. it was ridiculous.
11:52 am
stuart: we will delete that from all of us. stuart: back to the fight to destroy isis. we will deal with that in a moment. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades -- an idea that reduced overcharge complaints by 98%. no matter how fast your business needs to adapt, if hp big data solutions can keep wireless customers smiling, imagine what they can do for yours. make it matter.
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stuart: let's update the news on isis. the government is going after their money. peter barnes from washington. any successes to report so far? peter: a dozen small mobil oil refineries inside syria. those attacks are definitely having an affect on isis refineries. it is a major piece of the sophisticated isis financing machine dubbed by the financial times isis inc. it brings the organization to million dollars a day. the naming and shaming is being stepped up by a new player in all of this.
11:57 am
it plans to help the u.s. and its allies expose people and its companies. naming and shaming any that do not cooperate. stuart: thank you very much. big day for the markets. a triple digit selloff on the dow. all are headed lower. then, we have eric holder announcing he is stepping down. it is an all-star cast. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience
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12:00 pm
s&p 500. a broader-based index. fifty-six technology stocks and that index. apple is down 3%. it is at $98 a share. i am using an opinionated word there. he will step down. we believe he will make the full announcement two hours from now. okay. ♪ stuart: we are still 200 points down for the dow. when will we hear from eric holder? >> president obama is expected to speak today. eric holder will announce his
12:01 pm
resignation. holder will stay in office until the senate confirms the next attorney general. he was long criticized by some liberals. as you mentioned, the justice department has extracted both billion-dollar settlements. stuart: okay. we'll fast, do we have any reason why mr. holder is stepping down at this time? >> there are plenty of officials that look at leaving the administration when they have been here this long. eric holder, he conducted a
12:02 pm
jihad against the banks and wall street. >> he was very bad for business. they were utterly over-the-top relative to what happened in 2008. they were determined to pin the blame on wall street. the 1%, the wealthiest had been ripping off the american people. raising the issue of the extent to which eric holder politicized the department of justice. it is always a danger. i think that when the next nominee goes before the senate, he could have a very difficult time getting through the senate republicans. the replacement for eric holder
12:03 pm
would have to be another close knit associate of president obama tied in very closely. the president will not appoint some guy. >> sort of a solicitor general in the justice department. i think that is by and large the relevant. i think senate republicans will consist on asking whoever is nominated. i will give you one example. there was a kind of statistical
12:04 pm
impact if you are taking lack children out of public schools and putting them into schools their parents wanted them put in. stuart: there is a timing issue. it is possible that the republicans could sweep control of the senate. if that happens, it would be contentious, indeed. >> exactly they would have the upper hand. if eric holder will stay on until his replacement is returned, eric holder will be attorney general of the united states for quite some time. i do not think they will allow a fairly respectable public official to sit there and simply
12:05 pm
talk past these issues. tension that eric holder has created is an issue of credibility. they will ask the next person to reestablish the credibility. >> the question that hangs at the bottom of all of this is whether eric holder was doing precisely what barack obama wanted him to do. holder was, to some extent and independent player. by and large, i think those major prosecutions against the banks, against the school systems and stalling on the irs undoubtably made the irs happy.
12:06 pm
stuart: a stonewalling on the irs scandal that got to our viewers. we will never get to the bottom of that. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. let's check what is going on with it. maybe we are stabilizing on the downside. we have been down 200 for about the past hour. a loss of 1.29%. look at the nasdaq please. 1.6%. seventy-four points down. the s&p 500. the 10 year treasury. the yield there has come all the way down. that is a significant drop in yield.
12:07 pm
four basis points. 2.51%. with that kind of thing happens, you know that something is going on here. up she goes. up to a six year high against several currencies. that, i think has affect did interest rates. pushing them down. the dow industrial is down at 200 ft. team points. technology is leading the way down. david nelson is here with us today. i am saying the dollar has gone straight up. interest rates have gone straight down. a great deal of week is around the world. >> not per se. certainly with interest rates
12:08 pm
going down, that is understandable. they want to invest in this country. stuart: is this a flight to safety? >> i think the dollar rising is probably the surprise of the year for portfolio imagers. we have this week dollar because of quantitative easing. >> we stopped printing money. everyone else is printing money. >> if you have a low interest rate in germany, that is still high quality paper, relatively. >> what we have is the date. five days to october.
12:09 pm
>> it is one of those things that work right up to the time. i will not think on that. we do have problems. the s&p 500 in large-cap names, this is where everyone is hiding. i do not know whether this is the beginning of a tent percent correction or not. nothing else is working. literally, nothing. stuart: hold hands with our audience. these are small investors. they have money in the market. they are thinking, should i sell
12:10 pm
now? should i just sell now? that is a knee-jerk reaction. a big institutional program. those are the same guys that will be buying it on an up day. >> they will not tell today and buy back -- >> and you really should not. you need to have some sort of allocation that will help you ride through the storm. stuart: you are laughing because you are an advisor. [laughter] stuart: you scramble to get on the show and we appreciate that. you are telling our viewers not to do the knee-jerk thing. >> most professionals are not either. you will try to trade out of this.
12:11 pm
you will be getting back in that higher prices and you will be costing yourself money. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. nicole, you have to tell me about apple. nicole: i will tell you about apple. the stock is down 3% right they have two huge issues. everyone is stalling the new operating system. it is not going well. they are asking everyone to reinstall it. apparently, it can be bent. it is bending in their pockets. i just read a report that it was down 3.9%. do not forget, it does not get
12:12 pm
approval to get this out in china. samsung does. we will watch that story as well. people still want their iphones. stuart: on the show recently, we had clayton boreas. when he walked out of the studio, there was a line of people that wanted to see him. nicole: i think you are absolutely right. a hot holiday gifts. i jumped him in the hallway. i said that is a new iphone six plus. i said, take our picture. stuart: do you take your home
12:13 pm
work with you. facebook, the innovator. to the nfl. big-money sponsors. nothing to do with the minnesota vikings and baltimore ravens. big money is involved. check this out. mohammed ali. we have one of his boxing robes on the set with us right here. get this. a braid of willie nelson's hair is expected to sell for a whole lot more. can you believe that? ♪ [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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because health is everything. stuart: down 228 points. the nasdaq is worse in percentage terms. it is 76 points. the s&p 500. same as the dow. do not forget about oil and
12:17 pm
gold. according to a study, 79% of women say steady employment is the number one priority that they are looking for in a man. working from home. they would be thinking it may be bad for your health. employees that do just a small amount of work at home are at a greater risk. i think that this is european nonsense.
12:18 pm
>> it really goes to whether this is overtime or not. unpaid overtime. >> you work 247. >> it is kind of interesting. there are the long-term effects. it could make it worse. if you feel like you like your job, you get paid to do your job, you like your pay page and you have the career opportunities, if you do not have that, it causes more problems.
12:19 pm
stuart: i suppose that that is a reasonable point that you are making. frankly, i am on this thing all the time. i do not want to be out of the loop. i want to do that. i feel left out if i am not there. stuart: more flexibility sometimes, too. still the idea that you are working so many hours. if you work day and night, it tends to be worse. even behaviors like smoking, drinking. >> you are trying to calm me down. this was a german study. europeans who have an absolute dislike of work.
12:20 pm
>> there may be some bias because they were talking about contractual hours. the number of hours that you work, the continuous hours that you work. old mind and body. >> those are the finding. we are at risk and terms of our health. stuart: we like working here. we live to work. americans work to live. isn't that right? >> the stress level is rising. in america, we live to work. europeans work to live. have i got that right? >> the career opportunities.
12:21 pm
maybe it is okay if you really believe you have more opportunities. i do not know if that is true for everybody. they actually do not get paid for that time. the irony is if you are having these stem cells, you cannot really take time off. stuart: i feel like i have been beaten up. stuart: that is incredible. we now know the identity of that virus that hacked home depot. ♪
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
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you guys are just ohtwo big softies..
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cut it out... look at these guys. oh, you... [laughter] ohhh! they just unlocked our channels for a week! ohhh...and... they just made it free. ahh...looks like it's xfinity free channel week! we've unlocked a collection of channels on tv and xfinity on demand, like encore, nick jr. and disney xd. totally free for a week! learn more at that's why i'm a cat guy. to the big decline of stocks. the yield on a ten year treasuries basic interest rates. interest rates weighed down, dollars straight up, yields down, five basis points, a big drop in a couple hours. by all accounts it is a record haul for corn and soybeans.
12:26 pm
he is on a fallen in illinois. what does a record harvest mean for the rest of us? >> talking about food prices, a whole heck of a lot. farmers, an incredible yield but look at what prices are doing. prices are terrible. this field looks as good, paul is in the, this has to be the best yield you will never have. >> it looks that way, starting out that way. the market is reacting to that. >> prices couldn't be worse. >> they blow the cost of production significantly. hope you don't have to sell. >> how much and acre deal is with these prices? >> 100 to $200 an acre. no profit with that. >> could we stop one second, i don't want to get too far away. real quick, we would lose
12:27 pm
between $10,200 an acre. this year is not going to be good. stuart: it sure it is. that is a record truck, that is good stuff. i got tractor in the. a big one. it was good to see you. look at the field of corn that goes on as far as the eye can see. >> they had august. good stuff. see you again soon. look at the dow, put that up please, the dow slipped a bit more, we are down 251. that is 1-1/2%. check home depot's stock price, previously unknown piece of malicious software called mozart, previously unknown, used
12:28 pm
by criminals to break into this computer system and that compromise personal information of tens of millions of customers. i was one of them. we have ethical hacker vinny trulyer with us. i will go off on a different track for a second. apple has a new payment system in the i phone 6. is that a partial answer to this hacking of credit card information? >> it is more revolutionary, it eliminates credit card numbers or the need for credit card numbers. there is no number. it creates a secure token between the throat and the car. it is eliminating the possibility of being stolen. stuart: when it is accessed by a some prints which is unique to you. would you say you can't hack this thing?
12:29 pm
>> researchers have shown the thumb print can be hacked so you have to be careful, have the extra pin code. you don't just rely on the thumb coin. everything at some level is hackable. this is a more secure systems and using credit card numbers. stuart: 2 home depot and target hacks. i was a victim. got a call the other day that someone produced a mastercard that looked like -- $500 wortufo cancel all the master cards which i have for myself and my children. occurs to me that this hacking which is going on at an extraordinary rate is placing an enormous financial burden on banks, credit card companies and retailers and society as a whole. we went around our production team and about half of them that have their cards cancelled because of tax. >> on average it costs the bank
12:30 pm
$2 to $3 a card when you are in manufacturing and shipping and everything else so you multiplied by 50 million accounts you are talking huge amounts. stuart: somebody is going to have to pay for the new chip cards which are less hackable than the old plastic ones. >> the technology has to go into it. with copy protection, everything broken at some level. all these customers moving over to that creates a bigger need. stuart: thanks for staying on top of us. how many millions of dollars are we losing in criminalize hacking every year. it has to be an extraordinary number. thanks very much for joining us.
12:31 pm
eric holder resigning. charlie gasparino has the inside track on who is going to replace him. a big business story. charlie gasparino is next. you know what my business philosophy is, reynolds?
12:32 pm
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stuart: new information on the war against isis, the iraqi prime minister uncovered a plot
12:35 pm
to attack subways in paris and the united states according to the associated press. the news comes after air strikes on a dozen races controls oil refineries in syria used by the terrorists. ralph peters last hour says these air strikes are not going to do much. >> you don't want to hit the oilfields, you close the border. and delivery oil tanker approaching the texas border, there's so much more we could be doing. stuart: the department of defense says isis has been profiting to the tune of $2 million a day from the oil supplies and refineries. they can produce 500 barrels a day, miniscule but $2 million a day to a terrorist group is not bad. 240 points, down 1.5%.
12:36 pm
now down 1.8%, 81 points, the s&p 500 down to the tune of 1.5%. apple is a big drag on the nasdaq, all technology stocks down across the board, apple is down 3%. big story of the day the white house announcing attorney general eric holder will step down. charlie gasparino with us. eric holder is no friend to business. to do you think has the inside track to replace him? >> we talked about the attorney general for california, particularly on the consumer front, a name that has always been out there, is rumored that eric holder will step down and we like to think that never came and finally the u.s. attorney for the southern district. stuart: if you are handicaping all the names that are popping up he would be the front runner? >> that is me. it depends how this decision will be made. if eric holder has a major say
12:37 pm
in the decision he and -- say hate each other. stuart: they were both in the same jihad against the banks. >> to take credit for beating up the bank's, who gets the bigger you know what? there is a lot of friction between the two. both sides, eric holder and p e preet have a acknowledge it privately but his record -- stuart: i make the judgment eric holder is inside business attorney. would you say that preet is anti business? >> preet is whatever it takes to get from this level to this level. if it is being anti business in this administration. stuart: ambitious career guide. >> one of the most ambitious people i know and also produces,
12:38 pm
85-1, insider-trading investigation and convictions, people -- agreed to cooperate. stuart: why should he want to be the attorney general for two years and have to clean up the mess? >> great question. it looks good on your resume. here is the thing. it is two years. it is not exactly a lifetime. stuart: you wanted to be the governor of new york. >> preet has friends in the private sector, he could make zillions of dollars. he is an interesting guy. lost one case on insider trading, was a judge in the district who during a roast, a party for an assistant attorney general started attacking the judge said, calling him the stupidest judge she ever dealt with. he is an interesting guy, he buts heads with eric holder. the u.s. attorney is appointed by the president.
12:39 pm
the question right now is who makes the choice? is it obama who makes the choice? president obama appointed eric holder but also appointed preet, or does eric holder have a say in this, like a strong say. they hate each other. i think he goes with camilla harris. you have to watch this. it will be fun watching it. stuart: no matter who it is nobody who takes the attorney general's job is going to be vigorously pro-business. >> if you are a businessman this administration looks at you like the devil. they will squeeze money out of you, try to put you in jail for garbage like insider trading, what ever. that is the way you got to operate under those conditions. if you ask me it is one of the reasons, one element, not a huge element but one element why the economy is as lousy as it is. stuart: i am looking forward to
12:40 pm
with the republicans sweep the senate, suppose they do in november, the confirmation hearings for the next attorney general will take place with a republican senate and that candidate would have a hard time. >> can you do a recess appointment on an attorney general? it would be unprecedented but who knows was this guy. he might do that. i don't know if you can do that with someone that high level. it will be hard to get through but preet, i think the business community would prefer him. you will see republicans give him a shot. harris is a died in the old left-wing radical. she is a liberal in the sort of progressive cents. i don't believe preet is that. stuart: charlie gasparino could not be more nasty. >> some people like that. you don't like that. some people like that. the new york times likes that.
12:41 pm
stuart: you are all right, thanks very much. big money and the nfl and because of the abuse scandal those sponsors may be walking. the latest on that coming up. facebook wants to launch solar power drones delivering wi-fi to remote areas of the planet. could that work? i think it is a great idea. facebook the innovator, next. can you start tomorrow?
12:42 pm
yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves. i have $40,ney do you have in your pocket right now? $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
12:43 pm
>> fox business brief selling across the board on wall street. we saw several programs under way. dow jones industrial average down 240 points, a loss of 1.4%. all ten sectors we followed so closely with down arrows and the vix, the fear index is of volatility gauge moving higher, 22% gain moving the largest gain since the highest levels we have seen since early august. some of the names waiving most heavily on the dow goldman sachs, making it lose more than 20 points each, 3 and ibm big laggers. look at the s&p 500 losers with the s&p 500 index down 1.4%, allegheny down 5%, among others. we are seeing selling across the board. concerns at home and abroad. ver.
12:44 pm
(agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know.
12:45 pm
stuart: they are moving, some have requested or vikings games because of adrian peterson but one sponsor wanted off the ravens steelers thursday night game completely. fox sports 1 nfl reporter is here. this is the beginning of a movement away, edging away, not
12:46 pm
taking all their money out of football but being selective about where they put it. >> they are sensitive, this all started with the vikings when they held their press conference saying adrian peterson would be reinstated and radisson on the backdrop behind the general managers that day which was an awful look when you looked at it that day based on the subject matter. based on where we are with adrian peterson, greg hardy and the panthers and these other guys the conversation is not about football. is about on field issues so you understand sponsor saying we don't want to pull completely because all this talk about budweiser and these other sponsors we want the nfl to handle this all little better, we wanted to be stronger is all fine, that is public relations but when you pull money that is a completely different deal. stuart: that has enormous influence. i think it has influence on the teams and the players's behavior
12:47 pm
off the field because the penalty for doing what some of these guys have allegedly done is extreme and if the money starts to withdraw that has an influence. >> it is coming out of their pocket so i don't think players are looking and saying they are not putting their ads on our games. i think players are more responding to the league. the league is responding to the sponsors. >> the teams are going to take the hit from the sponsors walking away from certain players playing in 7 games. >> i think the teams are sensitive to the fact that the local revenue they receive, they have a bucket system and the local revenue is a higher percentage on that but it than there is -- so if you lose local revenue like the radisson sponsoring the vikin has a bigger impact. that gets their attention. you saw the way the vikings responded to that one. with the league's overall they sense pressure but i also think what they are doing right now they think they're doing the right thing. they admitted they made mistakes
12:48 pm
nestle stuff they're doing right now is getting on with it. stuart: i say they have ridden the financial storm. to some degree they are over, the past financial storm. >> absolutely agree with that. stuart: a big day on the market which is why we have such limited time. the f a a. announcing it will approve the use of drugs for filming movies and tv shows. some restrictions but this could create a new set of opportunities for hollywood and also companies that make the drones. bring in the chief technology officer at bear drones. you are the guys who make very small drones, aren't you? >> we make a pocket drone and we are happy to see the faa working with it. stuart: there are some restrictions but this is not quite the first time but is an opening to your industry, right? >> it is finally a chance to start catching up with the rest of the world's. it has been disappointing having to fight and not be able to use this great technology that has
12:49 pm
so many purposes and uses and finally this is a first. stuart: is a terrific industry and i am cheering, and hope you can do a lot with it but look at facebook and google. they have plans to launch high-altitude drones that deliver internet signals all over the world's. everybody gets the internet from drones like that. some are the size of a 747. i think that is a terrific idea. i have no problem and i think it is the future. i take it you agree with me. >> perfectly. it is an opportunity, out of the way of most people's use of aircraft and other collisions but sadly they can't do it in the u.s. the one area they are home, having to go overseas to perform the same work. stuart: if they are tried out over africa or australia for example and it works it wouldn't be long before it came here, would it? >> if we can get the regulations approved. stuart: speaking of that, we
12:50 pm
have dhl, they are now using drones to deliver packages to a remote german island. first-time unmanned aircraft has been used for delivery in europe. again, i have to believe that is going to come to america. the pressure is on, bring it here. >> i agree with 100%, time to step up and allowed to happen. we're seeing great positive uses of drones and technology, delivering medicine on demand when needed most, that is the perfect place for this technology. hopefully we can do this at home. stuart: we have got to have a less regulation, more of a free-market administration. you could make some real money. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. a big day on the market. muhammad ali's boxing row. a letter from john lennon and a braid of willie nelson's hair. they're all going the for sale. guess which one is worth the most?
12:51 pm
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12:55 pm
stuart: some big names you know, some pretty big money at option. the auction house brought some items which are going up for auction shortly. i will start with muhammad ali's training robe. expected price. >> $40,000. stuart: the man is an extraordinary character. i will hold this up for a second. this is a letter from john lennon to whalen jennings and this is what the auction is all about. you can't see much of this. how much is this going for? >> 34 each thousand. stuart: is that what you hope for? >> these auctions are unpredictable. there is no direct precedent. the sky is the limit. everyone was going to bring $50,000. stuart: lana naps letter 30,
12:56 pm
40,000. not this item. those are the braids of willie nelson, his hair. what do you call them, pigtails, all the way down. how much? >> 50, 60, 70, 80. stuart: when you cannot tell me two braids of hair will pitch the-fence more than muhammad ali's row. >> sean lennon athletic, muhammad ali's robe, things like that have been sold before. willie nelson has a passionate following, good friend of women jennings, only time this will never come up, you want willie nelson's abrade this is your movement. stuart: when you are uniquely she will never get any more. >> you can get nelson to cut more but i doubt that. stuart: this is all for women jennings. >> the auction oct. fifth, hundreds of things from a man who changed the course of country music, beloved by millions not just in this country but around the world.
12:57 pm
stuart: whose. is that? >> hang williams. the most revered figure in country music. stuart: how much? you don't get a pair you get one of them. >> this will be an unusual and wonderful option. some of the proceeds for children's hospital. stuart: i got to know how much for will nelson's break. i don't believe it will fetch more than not when letter. >>, back in two weeks, we will see. stuart: thanks very much. we have more varney coming up in one minute.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
over 12,000 financial advisors. so, how are things? good, good. nearly $800 billion dollars in assets under care. let me just put this away. how did edward jones get so big? could you teach our kids that trick? by not acting that way. ok, last quarter... it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ stuart: we went on the year two hours ago and at that time the dow industrials were approaching the 200 point loss. we have gone down a little more since then. we are off 42. the u.s. dollar six year high against some major currencies. that is having an effect in the financial markets and interest rates are falling quite sharply. that suggests no inflation, more
1:00 pm
like disinflation. the market doesn't like that. as we head down 243 points my time is up but here is dierdre bolton. dierdre: here are the alternative investing stories we are covering for you. cybersecurity experts say new bug is easier for hackers to use and can cause greater damage than the heart bleed bug which was discovered this spring. the tax rules scramble calculations on big merger plans. we will tell you how the changes affect hedge funds and average investors. derek jeter's final game at yankee stadium in danger of an ever happening. rain causing a huge problem for the nld and thousands of fans that paid big money for tickets. taking control of the computer system. that is what the bash but can do. cybersecurity experts warn about the heartl


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